3 Kids under 5 in a 2016 Chevy Volt

My husband’s old Subaru finally died and he’s hoping to replace it with an electric or hybrid vehicle.  Unfortunately, all the ones with two rows of passenger seats are huge and/or expensive.  Today I headed over to our local Chevy place to see if I could fit 1 rear-facing Graco, 1 forward-facing Britax convertible, and one small backless BubbleBum booster in the Volt.  Verdict:  You can!  Once the kids get bigger, you wouldn’t put three across in the back because the center console goes to the back middle seat (no leg room for anyone over about 4-5 years old).  But for a lease vehicle for the next few years, it could work.  Here are some pictures for your possible interest.

Image 1:  Backseat with (L to R) Bubble Bum, Britax, and Graco.


Image 2: Tight fit next to the Britax, as you can see here, but I was able to fit (seatbelt on, door closed), so I figured our almost-5 year old can cope for short trips.  (We have the minivan for longer drives with all 3).


Image 3.  I was able to get the Graco level enough to get the “blue” indicator.


Image 4.  Here’s what the Graco looked like.







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