Operation Curb Appeal – Part 1

Nyack Nest has many quirks that we are discovering as we are settling in, but one that was apparent from our first visit:  it was built sideways on its lot.  So, you drive up and the side of the house is facing the road, while the front faces the side of the house next to it.  Odd, right?  Maybe that house wasn’t there when it was built, who knows.  In any event, this results in a somewhat odd first impression not helped by the broken old screen door that won’t close and the mess of utility boxes and lines to the left of the two first floor windows.

A few “Before” pictures from when I was trying to match the shutter color and imagine a new door:

IMG_0339                                      IMG_0355

When my mother came to visit in the week before our third daughter’s birth, and there was little to do but wait for the baby to make her appearance, Operation Curb Appeal commenced.

Here are some after shots:

IMG_0509 IMG_0511 IMG_0518

Here’s what we did:

  • sanded and painted two mildewed wood benches white
  • painted the old planters in a green to match the shutters
  • ordered a new door (a Jeldwen ventilating door so we won’t have a separate screen door anymore)
  • planted white New Guinea Impatiens and yellow Amstel Begonias (which are supposed to be shade-tolerant, container-tolerant, and uninteresting to deer — but it turns out Nyack deer like to eat New Guinea Impatiens) and hung more from the lampposts
  • added a bit of brick under the front door to test drive the idea of a small brick stoop
  • screwed together 6 trellises to cover the utilities, and put ivy in planters in front of them — the third trellis is only half-installed so it swings like a door for the utility man to step behind and check our meter
  • dug out an old, concreted-in mailbox and address sign and nailed house numbers to the tree by the entrance
  • added rocks (Mexican river pavers plus various native Rockland stones we’ve been digging out of the backyard) along the border of the yard and the road where cars always drive over the grass because the road is too narrow

Still to come when the budget allows:

  • new front yard post lights to replace ours which are mostly broken and missing tops, meaning we had to wrap them in plastic to protect the electric lines from the water.
  • a good powerwashing
  • a small brick stoop marking the side door and covering the exposed foundation?

What do you think would look nice?  The side-as-front is challenging…


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