You Know You’re Settling In When…

After a long delay spent moving and unpacking boxes (done), organizing their contents (never-ending), and arranging furniture, we are mostly settled in.  Our washer and dryer arrived today, along with a new dishwasher, and hopefully those along with a new disposal will all be installed tomorrow in my blissful absence.

On a less fun note, we’ve already got our first leak, so the plumber will be making a hole in the kitchen ceiling to do a little exploratory surgery.  But I finally feel like I’m getting a handle on the long list of tasks that comes with moving:  applying for Pre-K, touring daycares and schools, changing banks, etc, etc.

And tonight, a real milestone:  (After a quick trip over to Ardsley Music in Scarsdale for a new string and a tune up), pulling out the cello and playing for more than 5 minutes. Completely interrupted, uncharacteristically, since the rest of the family is trying to wait out rush hour before driving back from Brooklyn.  The liberation from close neighbors is really an amazing thing for a rusty musician.

I am even tempted to try to take a lesson or two to get a couple of pieces of marked-up sheet music to run through so I’m not playing what I can from memory (which at this point is mostly limited to snippets of Elgar, Bach and Vocalise, plus whatever improvisation or random popular melody comes to the fingers that day).  I found myself looking this up and discovered, oddly, that there are no readily-findable cello teachers who make home visits around here.  (Do you know of any good cello teachers near Nyack?  If so please let me know!)

Probably would be more fun to go to a conservatory/school anyway, for the social element and getting out of the house, since I am mostly working at home, but that may be a bit challenging with a third baby coming soon, at least until she is old enough to go to daycare.

There do seem to be more options for my son’s interest in learning guitar, though.  I’m a little skeptical that he’ll be ready even at 4 to play because of the fine motor strength/skills/patience/concentration required, but there are Suzuki guitar lessons at Rockland Conservatory in Pearl River starting at age 4, so maybe we’ll give that a shot.  (Or should we head over to Westchester?  Or try the place in Nanuet? …) I did start playing cello at age 5, so I guess it’s possible he could start doing it if we don’t expect much real practicing (as opposed to playing around) out of him quite yet…


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