Storing & Displaying Musical Instruments

Music friends:  what are your feelings about keeping instruments out of the case (hanging on a wall or laying on a shelf, for example)?

We’ve got a bunch of instruments I’d like to have more readily accessible, but I’ve read on various guitar forums the humidity changes in temperature-controlled rooms are a bigger issue when an instrument is out of a case, even if the instrument is out of direct sunlight (UV damage issues) and on an interior wall (so that the front and back aren’t at very different temperatures).  This violin group also advises against it.

Here’s the room we’d like to put them in.  As you can see, we’ve already got my grandparents’ beautiful piano in there, so temperature and humidity regulation are going to be important for that reason alone…



One thought on “Storing & Displaying Musical Instruments

  1. I live in Florida with all kinds of humidity issues — but the house has both air conditioning and heat which we use at appropriate times. I have the walls covered with ukuleles, kanteles, Native American style flutes and they are fine. The violin stored in the case is very old and already cracked. The one ukulele I stored in its case cracked because it was out of sight, I forgot I had it and forgot to play it. That seems the worst offense. 🙂


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