It’s Ours…now the Work Begins.

We did close as planned yesterday, so now the real work begins.  The rest of this post is just a litany of all the little things moving seems to involve – useful for you maybe if you are planning a move and trying to create a checklist, or applying for pre-K in Rockland or buying a washer-dryer, but otherwise pretty deathly boring, so feel free to stop here…


I bit the bullet on a washer and dryer (went with an unmatched set from Best Buy – Whirlpool washer (WFW72HEDW) and Samsung gas dryer (DV4245200GW) that I’ll pay a local plumber $75 or so to install next week when it is scheduled to be delivered).  Hope they are okay – they’re sort of middle of the road but get good user reviews at least so fingers crossed.  Supposedly they are both stackable, too, so if we later figure out some way to add a laundry closet up on the second floor where the bedrooms are, maybe I can just move these upstairs…

Tomorrow my husband was planning to go to the house to shovel it out and be there for cable/internet installation, so I decided to take advantage of it and schedule him quite a day of picking up our new minivan, taking delivery of a piano, getting a bid for window work in the basement, fixing things in two of the bathrooms, and childproofing.  And that’s just what I remember from the list offhand.

Meanwhile I worked today on figuring out the Rockland Universal Pre-K (UPK) application — you have to fill out a central application (available online but somehow not easily linkable) through Childcare Resources of Rockland in addition to applying to the schools individually?? — getting our car insurance switched over, paying bills and notifying of the address change, and closing utility accounts in Brooklyn (ConEd, check, TWC, still to do…).  If I could find my driver’s license I’d do the DMV change of address as well…

Next up – choosing a king mattress set that won’t jostle me every time my husband rolls over, switching to a bank that’s more convenient out there, which means trying to locate our safe deposit box keys (err….), setting up tours for various remaining summer camps and preschools and daycares, finding local doctors/dentists for all of us…and of course starting to arrange all the furniture my husband is planning on driving up this weekend in a Uhaul from DC.  Most of it is from my grandparent’s place, including many pieces my grandfather made himself in a traditional North Carolina style, so it is beautiful, but may take a little thought to work it into a midcentury colonial house.  An idea for another post…


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