Very Young People’s Concerts @ NY Philharmonic

My son has never made it through a single music class we tried to get him interested in.  And we have tried quite a few, because I love music and just assumed he would too.  But a lot of music classes expect toddlers to sit still in circle time or at least dance to the music semi-attentively, and that was/is something my son was just not interested in doing.  When he was younger and I tried to sing to him, he would scream, “Stop singing!!”  He does like to strum a guitar or cello when we pull them out – but for about 5 minutes, max.

So I’ve been really pleasantly surprised this year when he’s sat quietly and mostly transfixed through each of the “Very Young People’s Concerts” with the NY Philharmonic that Grandpa and Mimi got us for his third birthday.  In an actual auditorium seat, no less.  These people really know what they are doing.


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