No More Momma Culpa

“Behind every successful child is a mother who is pretty sure she is screwing it up.” — Cup of Jo (referencing this post/a comment on a Humans of New York picture).

Really?  Behind EVERY successful child?  So, if I’m not pretty sure I’m screwing it up my child is not/will not be successful?

I realize this sort of comment is meant to be reassuring to all the moms who are worrying that they are screwing it up.  But “pretty sure” she is screwing it up?  That takes it too far.  I’m tired of being told I have to feel guilty, self-doubting, or put myself down to be a good mother.

Fellow moms of the world, I will not think you are arrogant, uncaring, unloving, or possessing of an unsuccessful child, if you do not ask me (or anyone else) for reassurance about your parenting decisions.  I hope you will extend me the same grace!


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