Do Millennials Really Want to Live in the Suburbs?

The National Association of Home Builders recently released a survey of millennials who have bought houses in the last 3 years or who are planning to do so in the next 3 years that found that of that subset, a solid majority (66%) wanted to buy in the suburbs.  The survey has been picked up by a number of news outlets:  The Atlantic, the WSJ, Curbed, etc.

I read this and couldn’t help but think:  really??  I realize I’m coming from a very particular place since most people I know who are making the decision are in Brooklyn, which is a pretty kid-friendly urban area, but it seems like almost everyone I know moves to the suburbs because they had kids (or are planning to have kids soon) and can’t afford the space, amenities, and/or schools they feel that they need to live comfortably with kids in the city (particularly if they want to buy), not because they prefer to live in the suburbs.

What do you think, readers?


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