Paddington, Pizza & Palisades Climb

This past weekend we shlepped out to see the new house in the snow (gorgeous, with a small herd of children aged approximately 7 to 12 playing outside in the snow together in one of the front yards with no obvious parental figure standing watch outside, reminding me of one of the things I’m hoping we’ll enjoy in our new neighborhood in a few years).  While we were there, we got pizza at Turiello’s (they cut it up into tiny pieces for the kids before they give it to you, so you don’t have to!) and went to see Paddington at the Palisades Center movie theater.  The movie got stellar reviews from the papers and even from the New Yorker, so I may have been expecting a little too much from it, but I did enjoy it.

The kids got through maybe half of the movie before the baby/toddler (what is she now that she has taken a few steps but isn’t really walking?) lost interest in poking the straw through the hole in the top of the Icee cup cover and rebelled.  I had secured my husband’s promise to take the baby out if she lost interest.  But of course, the preschooler won’t allow Daddy to leave the theater without him, so that meant the end to Paddington for everyone but me.  I enjoyed the end of the movie in uninterrupted bliss while the rest of the family enjoyed the carousel and the ropes course without leaving the climate-controlled comfort of the giant mall.  Ahhh….


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