Another Month in Brooklyn, or the Case of the Missing Affidavit

Well, we won’t be moving to Nyack Nest next weekend after all as we had hoped.  With the giant snowstorm coming this week, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.  But the reason for it was a surprise.  We figured getting “clear to close” from the bank last week.  We tried to schedule closing and were informed that the village hasn’t even gone out to inspect yet (as they must before closing) because they have not yet received a required affidavit that the proper smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector(s) have been installed, even though we were told the sellers did install them weeks ago.  Hopefully 5 weeks is long enough to get in the papers and get the one building inspector in the village out, and (fingers crossed) to fix any issues he or she might find when she goes.

But for now, that means another month in Brooklyn for us…and another month of me trying to do furniture arrangements in my head.  Boy will I have some pent up nesting energies if and when we finally get to the Nest!


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