Surprise Eggs: Tiny Toy Roundup

My son is obsessed with surprise eggs and also loves dying eggs for Easter.  This year I’ve decided to try to make cascarones with small toys inside of them for the kids for Easter.  But I found it surprisingly difficult to locate toys that are small enough to put in real eggs (as opposed to the jumbo-sized plastic ones that can fit a 2″ toy).  After much searching on Amazon, here are my favorites that I’m planning to try (with the help of an egg topper to make a bit larger hole than you would for traditional confetti cascarones):

1.  Japanese erasers sets like these cute pastel ones

2.  Tiny dinosaurs like these which were made for vending machines

3.  Disney planes set 

4.  Pastel teddy bears meant for baby showers

5.  Tiny lavender-wrapped candies

Do you have a favorite tiny toy that might fit into an egg surprise?   Please let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Surprise Eggs: Tiny Toy Roundup

    • Ooh, thank you for more good ideas! I thought of the mini ponies but it seems like they would be too big to fit in real eggs as opposed to the 2.5 inch jumbo eggs. Are they small enough do you think?


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