Laundry Lust


This Martin Luther King’s weekend my husband has taken our oldest on a road trip to visit the grandparents, leaving me and our 13-month-old the run of our Brooklyn apartment.

Yes, that’s right, we’re still here, waiting for a “clear to close” from the bank so that we can schedule a closing on our new house.  Two weeks out from the end of our lease.  So obviously, I need distractions to keep me from obsessively ruminating about our impending potential homelessness.  My current rabbit hole?

Washing machines and dryers.

Who knew there were so many types and models?  We have a Frigidaire pair at home that aren’t bad, but I have had to exile some clothes away that just never seemed to get clean.

I thought I was settled on a high-end Samsung pair that were top rated by Consumer Reports and could be delivered and installed to our zip code by a national big box chain.   Easy, done.  But then I started investigating the highest ranked of the more-moderately-priced ones, a Maytag set.

Is that 10-20 points of extra rating really worth $1000?  What if the washer is great and the dryer only so-so?  Do you mix different brand names?    And how do you factor in the cost of separate installation when doing price comparisons with retailers that won’t install the dryer in your area (like, apparently, Costco) versus ones that generally will (Best Buy)?

And so, after hours of research, I still have no plan.  If I take this long to make every house-related decision I’ll never do anything else.


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